Ice Hotel (Lapland, Sweden)

The hotel is located in North Sweden, in a small town of Jukkasjärvi 15 km off Kiruna. It is literally entirely made of ice, and a night there, in -5 degrees, costs a million ;) It is build up anew every year, as even though it's lappland, no option to survive the summer... As much as I prefer to sleep in a warm bed, visiting the hotel was intersting to do, especially for taking photos. Visiting cannot be called cheap either, but unlike many places around the world, here nobody minds that you run around with a tripod and hang inside many rooms for much longer than envisaged for an average visitor... Some of the rooms are furnished with good ideas, some are a little boring. Judging from photographs some more exciting settings could be seen in previous years. This year it looked like this :)

Tuesday, 06 January 2015