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My reality: subjective.

My techniques: excessive.

My software: obsolete.

My promotion: none.

My desire: perfection.

My identity: explorer, constructor, seeker, trespasser, escapist.

I like to pass through walls, jump over fences, walk where ghosts, dirt and dust thrive, sleep in my car, eat in roadside bars and pretend I am free. I also sometimes write fairy-tales for grown-up children.



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Photowork for the Taskless Sheep Album "Rotten Melody" (2014)

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I do not work alone in the world of photography, urban exploration, trips and city wanderings. I would like to give tribute artists that inspired me, camrates on the road, people who do interesting things, blogs and portals that are worthwhile, pictures that are stunning...

Szydlak Likes Abandoned Places - my Significant Other and best companion


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